An exquisite aged new addition to The Balvenie stories range. A Rare Discovery from Distant Shores is a rich and indulgent expression of The Balvenie, aged for 27 years, with notes of muscovado sugar and manuka honey.


Like all expressions in the stories collection this exquisite bottling brings to life the story of the creativity innovation and friendship that led to its release. This story begins when the Balvenie Malt Master David C. Stewart’s long-time friend, John Barrett, who knew he had found something special when he brought samples of Caroni Rum to David. David and the team recognised this too and being led by their creativity and experience David decided, in 2014, to move some 20-year-old Balvenie from its traditional American oak Hogs Head casks into Caroni Rum casks sourced by John. The result was a rum finish unlike any other. The additional 7 years spent maturing in the ex-Caroni rum casks changed and enhanced the whisky’s flavour profile into something truly extraordinary. A Rare Discovery from Distant Shores.



Nose: Rich and indulgent with notes of muscovado sugar and manuka honey. Lighter fruit notes intersperse the aroma with occasional hints of green banana and light spice.

Taste: Beautifully smooth with a velvet vanilla viscosity. The initial burst of sweetness graduates to treacle toffee, aged leather and deep oak tannin.

Finish: Lingering sweet with a wonderful mouth-coating oiliness.

Balvenie 27Y Distant Shores