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In January 2019, the Foursquare distillery acquired ten barrels from the cognac producer Camus. Ten Casks from their Caribbean Expedition Cognac program. After a year, the barrels were emptied and the cognac was shipped back to France. The barrels were then filled with 2008 vintage and 12-year-old ex-bourbon cask rum. The rum was then matured for another two years.


The maturation did not stop there, the rum was then mixed with another 14-year-old rum. A double maturation including 5 years in ex-bourbon barrels followed by an additional 9 years in ex-cognac barrels.

As usual, Foursquare assembles the light rums from their distillation column with the h

Foursquare Touchstone 14 Years Mark XXII 61%

159,95 €Price
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