Presented in an exquisite gift box, the following expression from Yiochi and Miyagikyo have been refined in rum cask. 3500 bottles for each of them were bottled at 46% unchill filtered to keep maximum aromas of the final blend. And as the name suggests, both single malts Yoichi and Miyagikyo were finished during one year in rum casks.

Miyagikyo Rum Cask : The frankness with which this rum-finished bottling proclaims its aromatic and gustatory message is rivalled only by the harmonious way in which the malted barley and sugar cane appear together throughout the tasting. A true work of art, it showcases the expertise and sensitivity of Nikka’s blenders.

Yoichi Rum Cask : The tact and sophistication with which peat leaves its increasingly indelible mark on the aromatic and gustatory palette of this bottling are the illustration of incredible skill. They are also the key words that best describe this rum-finished Yoichi’s deep-rooted desire to express its medicinal, herbaceous, spicy and exotic character.

This lot contains 2 bottles:

Yoichi Rum Cask Finish 2017 Limited Edition 700ml 46% ABV
Miyagikyo um Cask Finish 2017 Limited Edition 700ml 46% ABV

Yoichi& Miyagikyo Rum Wood Finish

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